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Published April 7, 2012 by SLC Productionz

I’m sure she felt at least a breeze,lol

Room 187

Oh Keri.. I thought you were other than the other girls, but looks like I was wrong. She attended attended the Hennessy Wild Rabbit campaign launch event in New York City a couple of wearing a see-thru top. As well as showing off her nipples, the tight top also gave an unsavoury glimpse of Keri’s belly button.

Somebody could’ve told you (as if you didn’t know), cause mirrors don’t lie. It’s sad to see these chicks have to do these stunts to keep their names buzzin. Damn, if you find it so important, release some new music. Or go the Kim Kardashian route, release a sex tape and stop teasing us. Look what it did for Kim.

Photos below. NSFW.

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